What Are The Issues That Women Face Whilst Getting Pregnant?

When we get married, the only thing that everyone like our friends, family members, extended families and loved ones are more excited about the birth of a baby. Although, it’s a personal matter of a couple but the expectations are so high and they keep on asking right after marriage as there are some good news or not. When a couple is ready to have a child in terms of maturity and financial conditions then they tend to do attempts for pregnancy but somehow no luck

They give a break to themselves and do it again but still no luck. Then they have to visit a pro gynaecologist in Zetland to have a complete and detailed check-up via ultrasounds and blood tests.

The Issues:

Following are the issues that a couple face when they have no luck in natural pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy:

A couple is so happy when they found out that they are pregnant. Seeing 2 lines on a strip is all they wished for when they have started planning for a baby. Their happiness turns into a sadness when they can’t see their baby in the womb. It means that they have an ectopic pregnancy. It is the most dangerous pregnancy because if the baby has been growing in a tube then there are chances that tube gets busted which is not good. So, they need to terminate this pregnancy in order to save the tube for future.

Blocked Tubes:

Couples try to get pregnant when they can’t get pregnant on their own. They tend to go and see a doctor. After all the tests done, they come to know that his wife’s tubes are blocked and she can’t be pregnant unless the blockage has been removed. It is a small surgery and then everything come on the right track.

Menstrual Issues:

When a woman has menstrual issues, which means that she doesn’t get period on regular basis on have less period flow each month then it makes her difficult to get pregnant. When she doesn’t get periods each month then it means that she doesn’t product eggs each month. When there are no eggs, how can she be pregnant. So, doctors go for ovulation induction and give them injections and tablets to get the right size of egg which can be fertilised by male sperm.


It is another issue of women. They get pregnant but they miscarried a bay dur to many reasons. It needs to be resolved after a few tests.

For all above issues, we need to see a gynaecologist in Barangaroo if we have been waiting for a blessing for so long. It is not that difficult to visit a gynaecologist. We just need a good partner to stay by our side no matter what. If you are facing issues then visit Sydney Obstetrician Clinic for the treatment. We have the best obstetrician available in our clinic.